Guided Meditation: Explore Our Breath Slowly

To continue where we left, envision the best version of your self.  Starting there.  We are using our breath as a bridge between here – our physical reality – and there – the image, the feeling of our best version – to connect us.

And, to slow us down.

Here is the meditation. I hope you enjoy it.

Guided Meditation: The best version of your self

One of the greatest antidote to fear is your inner self.  How well you know and can rely on yourself is a direct correlation to how quickly you recover when startled, stay calm over ice and “put fear on the shelf.”

This meditation is a practice of self-exploration.

Let me know how it goes for you and let’s discuss how this might work towards a clearer vision of self.

Start the meditation here:

Guided Meditation: A Clearing in the Woods

January 21, 2018

This first guided meditation is an acknowledgment of my teacher Tara Brach, her words and her methods which are sprinkled throughout my guided meditation.

My initial goal is two-fold: To get you used to a “sit,” quietly for ten minutes a day AND to help you to create a quiet (and safe) clearing in the woods, where you can begin or to continue to see your life more clearly.

Start the Guided Meditation: A Clearing in the Woods

I will be doing a new guided meditation this week for Seven Days.  I call this Seven Days Search For Joy.  I hope you find it helpful.