Ep 13: One Sound

In our previous sessions – meditating in a loud place – we discussed the importance of being able to take your meditation any where – even into a loud space.

Today, we explore going inside, into our bodies to listen for the sound that drives our lives – our heart beat.

Can you hear yours?

Ep 12: Feel The Air

When in nature, it is an opportunity to listen with our bodies.

It – listening with our bodies – is a skill to develop.

It requires us to zero in on the wind as it travels over our hands – the air from the wind.

Or the feeling of our feet in our shoes.

Feeling only the air over our hands or arms, or the feel of our feet in our shoes, returns us to our bodies.

Returning to our bodies, and staying out of the mind’s many layers of narration, is an essential skill to returning to calm, and to returning to a state of awareness.

Try it.

Ep 11: Meditating in a Loud Place

So many tell me they do not have time to meditate. Their lives are too busy, too noisy. They seem not to be able to find a quiet place to meditate or time away.

This meditation is a practice of being able to welcome in the background noise and to welcome it in a way that is not disturbing. Background noise can be grounding, for example.

So please enjoy this meditation and tell me what you think.