A Quarter Nickel Dime and a Penny: Exploring Little Places

Meditation practice allows us to explore our mind and the sensations of our bodies. The goal is to become a better listener and to see things simply as they are. What is the sensation in our hand? What is the mind telling us about what we feel in our hand?

In this meditation, explore your hands and the sensations that come when you hold coins in your hand.

if you practice this over the next few days, you will have uncovered the magic of being with specific, simple sensations and open up a world of discovery that exists in the smallest of places. Our minds and our bodies are afterall, build on lots and lots of tiny places.


“It’s Ok” Meditation (Post NY Marathon)

Hello Search for Joy listeners: It has been a while since we’ve spoken due to my NY Marathon training. Thank you for your patience.

In this meditation, we will explore the body more specifically and our reaction to what we think and feel during our meditation. One of the common reactions our mind takes is to react what we think with a sudden reaction (ie negative) or assumption. We often think – “oh gosh what was that thought” ? Or we suddenly react with fear, panic or an emotion. But what if we were able to just see the thought or the feeling from the body and not add a narrative? What if we could just say

“It’s ok, I see you” ? Well, then we could pause things for a moment and instead of just reacting, we could maybe choose a response.

Would that be a good thing? I think it could be, yes.

Let me know your thoughts.