A Quarter Nickel Dime and a Penny: Exploring Little Places

Meditation practice allows us to explore our mind and the sensations of our bodies. The goal is to become a better listener and to see things simply as they are. What is the sensation in our hand? What is the mind telling us about what we feel in our hand?

In this meditation, explore your hands and the sensations that come when you hold coins in your hand.

if you practice this over the next few days, you will have uncovered the magic of being with specific, simple sensations and open up a world of discovery that exists in the smallest of places. Our minds and our bodies are afterall, build on lots and lots of tiny places.


EP 5: Snap Out Of The Trance

In today’s meditation, I approach the topic of being stuck in a trance – perseverating on some thought that upsets, captivates, distracts us.

Can you think of that last text, email, interaction which left your mind spinning for a bit – maybe even days? You might even be in the midst of it now. Or maybe you have a health concern. Some pain that triggers fear and concerns in your mind. Maybe it is in the body of a loved one and you find yourself thinking the worst of the worst. I have certainly been there.

When you are in the midst of a trance like that – it is hard to see ourselves in it for sure.

Well, how do we snap ourselves out of that trance? How do we return our selves to here?

Tara Brach – my guru – reminds us “we are not our thoughts, we are not our thoughts.” Easier said than done.

How do we get perspective that we are on the edge of something great or on the edge of getting thru or out of something terrible?

Well, what if I asked you to right now place your hand on your Lap. Go ahead, place your right hand on your right lap. Can you feel your pants on your right palm?

This is where today’s meditation takes us.

What works for you when you are stuck in fear?

More time must be spent on the tools that help us now.  For me, it is belly breathing.

I hear many words like “stuck”, and “sudden onset of uncomfortable feelings”, “anxiety”, “fear” as words that describe being stuck.  Your words may not be my words but we may share the feelings.

I want to share something that I have found that has helped me tremendously, and it helps instantly.

Question: Do you have a breathing practice

Huh? you say?

Well, you wake up, brush your teeth and probably do some exercise, maybe have a yoga and maybe even have started meditation.  A practice is something that requires near daily dedication.  Say that out loud, daily dedication is a practice.

It takes practice – daily or near daily – to develop a practice.  But the pay off is huge.  If you learn how to belly breathe, you will tap into your vagus nerve – that runs from behind your neck down your throat and behind your heart and into your belly to bring about physical calming.  Google vagus nerve.

Let’s jump right in!

Here is step one of belly breathing.  Let me know if this helps you get started.

Do you notice how I use the hand and finger simply as guides?

Does it help you to see what I am trying to do?

Please let me know your thoughts below.  Thanks.