EP 10: A Meditation With Our Bodies

Our minds often race. It is natural. When we sit for meditation they get filled with gotta do things, should do, other ideas and soon we are in a trance.

When we are in a trance, sometimes it is like a dream when we drift away and have no idea that we have left our here and now and have fallen into a series of thoughts along a line of thoughts.

We have talked about how to wake up from a trance. Often we just realize that we are off in this dream and say to our selves “oh, look at that, I was off in a dream.”

This meditation however, is an attempt to stay completely in our bodies and discover everything we feel in our body as we walk across Central Park. By staying in our body, we awaken this enormous resource – as a listening post – and shut off our frontal lobe from taking us away from here.

The goal is to stay here and experience everything that is happening HERE.

It can train us to have this resource of our body, as a tool to bring us back when our mind takes us away into a trance or is locked up in anxiety or panic.

Try it and let me know how it works for you.

I hope you enjoy this work.

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